Tian and Tom, PreWedding Shoot

With Tian and Tom’s wedding scheduled for early May at the beautiful Woodhall Manor I suggested upon an early April prewedding shoot for them both which we tend to do outdoors and keep nice and informal, fun but professional.

Tian and Tom had both spoken to me prior to the shoot about incorporating a spot of dog walking at the same time so that they could take advantage of being professionally photographed and tiring the dogs in one hit! I mentioned the lovely Nacton Shores, down by the banks of the river Orwell, and little did I know it would be more than a great location as Tian soon told me that this was where Tom had actually proposed. Perfect!

We aimed for a 4pm shoot for two reasons, one was to miss the tide as the high tide was around 3:15pm meaning we had access to the beach and shore for walking, the second was to not fight against the harsh midday sun as I knew we would spent a lot of time in the open. As is normal for the UK the week leading up to the shoot had had it’s fair share of rain, hail and even a thunder storm thrown in for good measure! The forecast for the shoot day was good though – Sun and Cloud but Tian and Tom came fully prepared with water proof jackets and hunter boots on. I felt a little bit silly in Jeans, T-Shirt and Trainers!

But I got away with it! The Sun remained out for most of the afternoon, there was little to no breeze and carrying a camera bag around and a Nikon D3s with a 70-200mm Lens strapped to you can keep you warm! The only thing that suffered slightly was my feet as I often found them submerged in water or in a bit of a bog as I tried to get shots of Tian and Tom and the dogs!

All in all it was a really fantastic couple of hours spent with a genuinely lovely couple who to start with were a little nervous and apprehensive about being photographed but by the end were completely confident and relaxed.

Can’t wait for Tian and Toms’ wedding day in May now – it’s going to be an amazing day for sure


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