Sarah and Glynn – Woodhall Manor Suffolk Autumn Weddings


So I took a call back in September whilst actually up in Scotland on Holiday – it was an enquiry for a wedding which was in about 7 weeks time at the beginning of November and it was an exciting call……

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The Venue was the beautiful Woodhall Manor past Woodbridge in Suffolk, a special venue and one that I’m always slightly biased about having been married there myself back in September of 2014! I hadn’t been back since that day either professionally or personally preferring to remember the special day I spent with friends and family on the other side of the lens.

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I explained the situation to the groom Glynn and he was happy that I had some kind of experience at the venue – both Glynn and his fiancee Sarah had looked through our portfolio via the website and really liked the slightly different style of shots on offer and we agreed to all meet once I was back from holiday in sunny Scotland!

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Glynn and Sarah turned out to be exactly the kind of customer if we could cherry pick we would always choose – down to earth, easy to get along with and quite happy to leave the photography recommendations to the person they are paying to do the job – the photographers! We were lucky enough and very honoured to then be offered the chance to photograph and support them on their big day.

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Being a November wedding and with an indoor ceremony planned for 2:30pm we knew that we would always be fighting against time in getting some shots outdoors in natural lighting especially with the weather forecast being a very mixed bag for the day. So we planned and prepared for complimenting any existing lighting with our superb portable battery powered Lencarta safari system – meaning we can take the light anywhere with us when and where necessary – it’s an expensive piece of kit but it’s performance and reliability is superb.

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On the day the wedding went as smooth as it can ever go! The bride was very relaxed, on time at the venue and with the support of her two lovely bridesmaids Jess and Leiha the prewedding champagne was flowing and it was obvious everyone was there to just have a great time and enjoy themselves. The groom was quite late though I must say and we all watched the clock and looked out of the window awaiting Glynns arrival!!

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Once Glynn and the boys arrived everyone was then safely at the venue and it was all systems go – it really was a day I was looking forward too and everyone was still super relaxed and chilled and nothing was too much trouble for anyone with regards suggestions for photographing them in the various rooms – it made it a real pleasure to be part of as the photography team.

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Woodhall Manor as a venue is fantastic, its stately enough for that Wow factor as you enter the grounds but also compact enough that you can easily navigate its rooms, staircases and grounds without getting too lost!

The Woodhall Manor team for the day were headed up by the lovely Brioni who also happened to be the wedding planner for my wife and I back in 2014 – she was fantastic on that day and proved a brilliant help again with Sarah and Glynns big day. Once again everyone working together supporting the bride and groom on such a special day makes for such a great working environment for everyone involved.

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And a special day it was indeed! It is always a privilege to capture such an important day in someone’s life and as with all weddings in the UK the day bought clouds, sun, rain, tears, smiles and much much laughter.

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The ceremony itself held in the Bishops room was a lovely intimate affair with a very proud father of the bride walking his daughter up the short, but very important aisle, to greet her husband to be. With friends and family all on hand it made for a very special moment for everyone involved.

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The weather almost defying prediction began to clear up allowing us a short window of time to get the group formal shots done outside whilst it was dry and there was nice available light around, from about 4pm onwards in November you are then facing darkness and the challenges it can bring but using that to your advantage gives the opportunity for applying technique and creativity to get those shots that just aren’t always possible during daylight hours. Sarah and Glynn were fantastic and as we lead them around the grounds of Woodhall Manor they were willing to try everything thrown at them despite it being a bit wet and very, very dark!

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So my first trip back to Woodhall Manor since September 2014, it won’t be my last but the wedding of Sarah and Glynn remains that extra special one as the first wedding shot back at the “manor” since my big day – I enjoyed this one again very much but just for different reasons 🙂

A big thank you to my assistant for the day Joe Howlett (little Joe!) who as ever was excellent helping out with lighting and assisting with photographing – a real asset to have helping out on the day.

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