Sarah and Josh – Pre-wedding shoot at the River Orwell

I’d been watching the weather forecast all week in Suffolk with a bit of trepidation. Although it’s July and for the main the Weather has been beautiful (Wimbledon not rained off at all this year!) my last 2 pre-wedding shoots had to be postponed because of rain, lots of it.

That’s the first time that has ever happened in 3 years, I’m not afraid to work with the elements at all but for Sarah and Josh I desperately wanted a fine evening so that we could head down to the banks of the River Orwell and show off this lovely couple in equally lovely surroundings. And we got lucky 🙂

sarahjoshpw (141 of 228)FB

It’s a lovely, mainly quiet spot where we headed too and Josh was first to arrive trying to find out where his fiancĂ©e Sarah was who was travelling straight from work. After a little detour Sarah joined us and despite the rushing about was full of smiles and so we just cracked on with things! The pair of them were fantastic and the natural reaction and chemistry between them was brilliant, making my job to be honest that bit easier. With couples photography, timing is sometimes of the essence because you need to keep one eye open for that look, or smile, or moment that makes it real. You could have a perfect composition and technically perfect exposure but if your subject lacks emotion then your photo can always fail.

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Overall it was a real fun session with two genuine people clearly very much in love – their wedding is going to be fantastic I’m sure and it’s going to be very special again to be supporting them on the day and capturing the day for them. Again, I’ve said this before, I’ve been so lucky that all of my wedding clients for 2015 have been just superb and it makes it a real pleasure to be the official photographer.

Big thanks again to Joe Howlett for his assistance on the evening, carrying bags around, softboxes, reflectors – a massive help as always.

Best of luck for Sarah and Josh on their big day in August.

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