Steffi and Jamie pre-wedding shoot


Our latest pre-wedding shoot was for a lovely couple, Steffi and Jamie, who had booked us to shoot their wedding planned for July 2015, way back in early 2014.
It’s always a massive compliment when someone puts their trust and faith in you and books that far in advance and time has certainly flown by with around 8 weeks to go until the big day!!

With Steffi and Jamie being based in Waltham Abbey we arranged to do the shoot, outdoors, at the Weald Country Park in Essex, not far from the couple and a fairly straight run for me to get too. Weald country Park is a beautiful spot with woods, ponds, deer parks and plenty of space to lose yourself from the crowds as its a popular park on a nice day. And a beautiful day it was too, lots of sunshine, no hint of rain and very warm temperature wise – perfect outdoor weather.


I knew from prior conversations with the bride to be Steffi, that the couple were both excited and nervous at the prospect of being photographed – but then I think we all are as we worry about posing, how we look, how we will photograph. Being photographed professionally isn’t something we do every day if at all!

So we spent an hour, talking, shooting, relaxing, talking some more and shooting even more. As a photographer you know when you have “nailed” it so to speak but the proof is always the point when you compile and present the gallery to the clients – the feedback was a brilliant from the couple and just the reaction I wanted from them.


So onwards toward the wedding in July and we can’t wait, it will be a very special day and a privilege to be their with Steffi and Jamie on the day.


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