Wedding Pricing – “wow that sounds expensive for a days work”


We still have a lot of queries from potential customers with regards pricing of services and particularly our 2 wedding pricing package prices with our top package offered being over £1000 and sometimes the remarks are still “wow, that’s a lot of money for one days work”.

Pricing yourself in the market can be a tricky business – too low and people may question the quality and service, too high and people simply can’t afford your services. When a professional business quotes you a price it’s simply not a figure that is just plucked from the air and thrown at you – a real professional business or person would have spent some time working out the total cost of the service they are providing and then quoting you accordingly.


So as a demonstration here’s a small breakdown of our top package and why it’s priced accordingly. We value our image making and editing and with the training invested in the Business we aim to earn £30 per hour.

Our top package at £1,195

Initial email / phone enquiry with client and producing and sending out further information and documentation – £20

Arrange and have initial consultation with Client – £30 – £60 depending on location and travelling time

Production of contract / terms and conditions, posting to client and filing upon return – £30

Pre-Wedding Shoot and editing and production of images, upload onto private gallery for viewing – £150

Main Wedding Shoot full day involving 2 photographers and sometimes an assistant – £480

Editing / Processing / Uploading of Images onto private gallery for viewing – £300

Cost of 50 page Hand Made UK Album and design service – £380

Personalised USB Drive of images – £60

Delivery of Wedding Album and follow up work – £60

Total cost – £1,520


As with anything there is room for negotiation on some pricing and some Weddings can be processed and edited quicker than others, however as a quick crude calculation the total cost of the above is more expensive than what we currently charge a customer for the service and we find most weddings are actually in fact 2 weeks work rather than “one day”.

There are areas where money  can be saved, but we like and promote the fact that each customer and wedding is unique to us and we strive to make each wedding photographed a unique experience.

Running photography as a business which has to generate an income and profit to survive is hard work – like any job you do to earn money. We hope that this small demonstration dispels the myth slightly that we hear a lot – “wow, that’s expensive for one days work”

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