Award winning photographs from Joseph George Photography

I’m really not one for too much self promotion – I feel there’s sometimes too fine a line between arrogance and promoting your work!

However just for once we at Joseph George Photography are going to shout a little and take pride in doing so!

First off from one of our last weddings of the season at Kesgrave Hall we were very pleased to have received a bronze bar award for Carl Sharman and Joanne Mulleys “first dance” image


A Bronze Bar Image which is graded by the Guild of Photographers  and a panel of highly qualified and respected professional photographers  is quoted as “Images of a strong standard at a professional level (A Bronze Bar) – something to be proud of

Then to follow that up we also received a highly coveted FPI award from the modelling and photography website Purpleport for one of our Halloween based studio shots – the FPI award put’s your photograph on the front page of the website (FPI = front page image!) and is highly coveted by models and photographers alike. We had a lovely message from the model herself Kim Brown titled – Very Happy – “yeah first time I’ve been  on the front page so well done you its a fantastic picture Smile

So big thank you to Kim for her modelling and also Mark Silvester at PTP Studio for his original concept which I twisted and turned into a decaying Halloween zombie 🙂


So two awards in one week and for the sake of transparency I submitted another couple of images to the Guild of Photographers for reviewing and grading and they were not deemed award winning but both scored a highly respectable 70 out of 100 with a grade comment of “THE BAR – Images of an acceptable professional standard”.

We don’t want to just aim for “acceptable” at a professional level though, we strive to achieve higher than that so hard work and dedication is required at all times but sometimes it is good to shout about it when you have achieved greater than the norm!



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