Summer rolls on….

Wow – what a summer so far in the UK, sure there have been a few thundery downpours around the Country but over here in the East we are doing really well! Our Wedding season so far has definitely been our best with a mixture of more diverse clients and some stunning venues – as well as our continued development and training.




With more clients potentially coming on board for the 2015 Season our 5 year plan for launching the business appears to be well on track – no room for complacency though but my aim was to be one of the more smaller,  personable and premier wedding photographers in East Anglia and we are making good strides down that road. The competition is exceptionally hard and exceptionally talented but that I think just makes it a real better market out there for clients when choosing someone for such a special day.

Suffolk Weddings

So at present as well as shooting weddings through the summer season, I’m also preparing for my own Wedding in September! With plans on track (thanks to a very organised and hard-working fiancée) we are now only a month away from our big day – yikes!! Now that’s come around really quickly. A recent trip down to London town saw me meet up with a couple of old friends and stay for a “couple” of beers! Needless to say once the chatting and catching up began a couple did turn into a couple more but it was a great evening. I even managed a tiny bit of Photography whilst on route to Holborn in London with my trusty D800 and 50mm Lens which was quite refreshing.

untitled (26 of 50)-Edit

London Town


untitled (17 of 50)

Through to the shard

So here’s to old friends and new beginnings as come September 4th I will be proud to stand by my beautiful wife and look to a very special future.


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