Oh Sunny Scotland

Joseph George Photography Landscape

So for the last couple of weeks we have been taking a working photographic break and sunning ourselves on the gorgeous Isle of Bute in Scotland. Just off the West Coast near Glasgow and a 35 minute ferry ride across the Kyles of Bute. Staying at the hub of the Island – the main town Rothesay.

Joseph George Photography Landscape

It’s a yearly, sometimes more than that, visit and gives time for some snapshot photography and general relaxing and settling into the Islands lovely, laid back, pace of life.

Joseph George Photography Landscape

With stunning bays, beaches, hills, walks and distant Islands theres definately something for everyone in this small, but highly enjoyable environment.

Joseph George Photography Landscape

Having a good hit of sun during our visit has it’s downsides – the legendary local “Pokey Hat” Ice creams!! Turkish Delight, Blue Banana, Ferrero Rocher, Jammy Dodger, Coconut the list goes on and the list expands so does the waist-line!! Oh well what are you to do when you are by the Sea and the Sun is shining! Can’t blame me really can you!

Joseph George Photography Landscape

Visiting Scotland? Then why not take a day trip or longer over to the Isle of Bute and check it out! On a sunny day you really could be anywhere in the world 🙂



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