Times stops for no man

Wow – Mid April already! It’s true that the older you get time does indeed seem to fly, I’m sure my clocks used to turn a lot slower 10 years ago than they do now 🙂

However being a relatively new father is making life even more hectic than it ever has been, but what a reward when you see a face like this


I’d been watching Nikon’s release of their flagship DSLR the D4s with some interest – not because I want one but because I’m not keeping my eyes on the second hand D4 market for a potential bargain. I got my D3 second hand, 18,000 Shutter Actuations and it’s been brilliant to me and I love it- with an upgrade head on I’d love to jump to the D4 from the D3, with a business head on – would the upgrade for me personally make that much of a difference and warrent the expenditure – probably not. But I’ll still monitor that situation 🙂

So with April upon us it’s the start of the wedding season again – fun times!! My hopes this year were to cover a certain amount of weddings which I’m well on way to fullfilling and with some enquiries already for 2015 it’s been a great start to the year.


Education for me is also high on the agenda for this year with a portfolio of images to submit to my excellent membership organisation the Guild of Photographers to work toward a qualification with them and to generally get some good, critiqued feedback from fellow professionals.

View More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/matt-and-katherine

Was delighted to also do a lovely family shoot for a friend and I do need to work on my posing and helping my models pose I still think the best shots captured are those that are natural – this was one of my favourites of the day.


So good luck to all during the wedding season – keep calm and keep an eye on the time – it’s definately speeding up!!!





One thought on “Times stops for no man

  1. Great pics. We have started lifewall.org as a place where people can celebrated moments which are historical in life and have them immortalized on a global, virtual, eternal graffiti wall. We believe weddings are one such moment and believe photographers like yourself can help us create this wall of human history by giving your clients a chance to immortalize the day with one of your pictures. Heres a video showing how to load a birth tile for our global birth registry, the process is similar. Thanks… http://vimeo.com/69120674

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