Studio Sessions and the great outdoors

Art Nude Portfolio

So this week saw a really busy period of family shoots, sports and art nudes!

Many thanks to PTP Studios in Ipswich for the use of their facilities for the Family Shoot and a really interesting Art Nude shoot which was my first experience with a nude model and was very interesting.

I approached the Art Nude shoot quite open minded with no particular poses or styles in mind but I knew that I wanted to complete the images in black and white as I wanted to go for quite a subtle final output of image.

Art Nude Portfolio

The model “China Star” was very professional and friendly and it made for a relaxed, but well run session, and it was a very good lesson in lighting and posing – I look forward to another session in the future. The D800 and 24-70 proved to be an excellent combination in the Studio environment and I was quite pleased with most of the results from the day – the quality of image you get from the D800’s 36Megapixel sensor is brilliant.

Switching back to the D3 for some sports shooting on the Saturday with the 70-200 Lens attached I teamed up once more with JM Soccer Schools to get some photos for Jamies Website and Blog – despite a minor downpour of rain toward the end of the session all the boys on the soccer class had great fun and it was a very well run, professionally delivered session as ever by Jamie and it was great fun getting some images.

Joseph George Photography - Sports Photograhphy

And to finish things off we had a great family shoot session with one of my old work colleagues on the Sunday – many thanks to Chris and Karl Kroger for their generosity with the purchasing of their images from the session, it was really fun photographing the kids who were extremely well behaved and happy to do some posing for us all!!


Next up – Digital Photography Lesson 2 – watch this space….!!!!


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