Bonny Scotland thanks to Silver Efex Pro

Joseph George Photography Landscape

I realise I do write about Scotland quite a bit in my blogs but as my parents live there and I get to visit fairly often then I won’t be stopping just yet!

This visit to the beautiful West Coast of Scotland and especially the Isle of Bute was not quite as sunny as what I have been used to in the past!

However, being on an Island and thus surrounded by the coastline, the highlands and the kyles of Bute whatever the weather there is beauty around every corner.

Joseph George Photography Landscape

With a heavy cloud line following the Island around I had in my head a whole load of black and white shots planned as there was at times little colour around but lots of contrast and so with the D800 and 24-70 attached off we roamed!

Joseph George Photography Landscape

Most people I speak too generally say “Scotland?  Went their once and it rained all week”. Ignore that, The Scottish Highlands and Islands are some of the most beautiful places I’ve been and I can’t recommend the area enough.

Joseph George Photography Landscape

With regards to the images, these are generally RAW files (NEF 14bit lossless compressed),  processed slightly in Nikons Capture NX2 then converted to black and white using Silver EFEX Pro. Silver EFEX Pro is the piece of software I recommend for any black and white conversion work in your digital workflow. I see it’s now part of an offering bought out by Google – the Google Nik Collection. I can’t vouch for any of the other parts that come with the Nik collection but Silver EFEX Pro is a must for any black and white work I do – it’s simple, fast, easy to use but also deceptively powerful with regards to the amount of tweaking you can do right down to simulating old analogue Film types.  Download the trial and have a play – once you’ve used it you won’t look back!

Joseph George Photography Landscape


One thought on “Bonny Scotland thanks to Silver Efex Pro

  1. Wonderful series of images. Yes, Silver EFEX Pro is great to work with and Scotland a magnificent place to explore. I’m planning two trips there in 2014 visiting Assynt and Duncansby Head.

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