Canon v Nikon – the never ending debate

This is an old subject and one a lot of people ask me about when I’m doing any photography training or giving any advice. It’s perhaps as old as ford v vauxhall (if you are here in the UK) playstation v xbox , and if I dare go back to my school days the zx spectrum v the commodore 64!!!


Let me start by saying where I am – I’m a Nikon man through and through. I like their products, I like the feel of their cameras, I love the shutter sound of my Nikon D3 firing off 9 frames per second when I’m shooting my football games and sports.

After a recent training session at John Lewis in Ipswich I was asked “why did you choose Nikon when most people seem to buy Canon?”.

My answer is simple and historical – I was given a Nikon F5 and lenses by my Grandfather and so have always used a Nikon camera for my photography. Nothing sinister against Canon who make some brilliant Cameras and lenses but I personally have always used a Nikon and have no reason to switch my allegiance to another brand at the moment! My cameras are tools I use to take photographs – they just happen to be a Nikon set of tools I use.


Lets not lose sight of what we are trying to achieve with any camera that we choose to use or are given to use – we are all trying to capture a photograph that takes a snapshot of that particular moment in time, and that photo should either grab attention, serve a purpose, be emotive, convey scale and grandeur, show beauty, technique and artistry and most of all connect with the audience you are presenting it too.

The camera used whether it be a smart-phone, a compact camera, a medium format camera or even a Nikon or Canon full frame digital single lens reflex camera is to a point illrelevant, the camera used is merely a tool to capture that moment you are photographing and how you use the tool is far more important than what make or model it is.

Don’t get too caught up in the great manufacturer debate – I don’t remember the last time anyone ever looked at one of my photos and said “that’s great you must have taken that with a Canon” or “love that photo, there’s no way I could have taken that on my Nikon” – it’s never mentioned, the only thing that’s ever said is “I like” or “I don’t like” that shot.


Photos are, and always will be, a subjective medium, but a great photo is always a great photo no matter whether a Nikon or a Canon was used to take it.

I’m now off to have a play up in Scotland with my super lovely 36 Megapixel Nikon D800 – can’t get the same spec camera from Canon at the moment 😉

And by the way I was always more of a Vauxhall man than Ford in my youth and was lucky enough to own both a ZX Spectrum AND a Commodore 64 – now that was just showing off!!


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