Everyones a Pro Photographer nowadays…..


…..Well not everyone perhaps but I think theres a lot of people out there who advertise as such and base that on having “pro” equipment and being told by friends and family their shots are great.


Theres a lot of people, *and I include myself in this*, that have the luxury of a day to day job that pays them meaning they don’t have to be totally reliant on making an income from photography. I see some amazing photos from amatuers and professionals through to semi-pro’s and hobbyists, BUT…on the flip side and for the main I see very similiar photos knocked out time and time again – and so I’m challenging all of us that maybe have the luxury of not having to constantly earn a dollar / pound from our photography to try something different, learn a new technique, learn about the different light sources and the difference between diffuse light and polarised light and go back again and study your colour temperatures.

Things are a whole lot easier nowadays in the digital age and the ability to take a “short-cut” to get a decent shot can really help out nowadays with so many automated systems in the camera assisting you – However I don’t believe that all of the technology available to us means we have to be sloppy and rely on these “short-cuts” to make our shots time after time. So I ask myself – has my photography progressed over the last year or so and if not – then why not?


I need to go back to basics again myself and study again why I love photography in the first place and if I can make a difference in this world to the millions upon millions of photographers out there…………….I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing though. So where are you heading?




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