Exiled but still wandering…..


So these last few weeks have seen me take on my biggest challenge for ages now – namely the Orwell 25 Mile walk!! Despite often doing this walk as a youngster with the scouts it must be nearly 20 years now since my last attempt and admittedly I hadn’t done much long distance training but decided on the best method which was I’d pull out the stops no matter what since it was for the excellent good cause of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk and didn’t want to let anyone down.

This was in partnership with JM Personal Training Boot Camps and also with the newly named Ipswich Wanderers youth team so an excellent group of around 30 of us set off at 07:30 from Ipswich to head on towards Felixstowe on the Suffolk Coast, loop back and walk back to Ipswich.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise, although 25 miles in Hot Weather seems an awfully long way when the sun is beating down on you and won’t relent! Still a more perfect day and better walk you couldn’t have asked for and a big pat on the back to everyone who achieved the 25 Miles and also to those that set personal bests and goals that day – you did yourselves all very proud. My legs did take a few days to recover, but recover they did and I’m back and fighting fit (ish!!) again 🙂


With the football season now entering it’s close season with friendlys being arranged and players moving around  between teams theres been some major shifts for what was the Ipswich Exiles Under 14 team. Due to their amazing success under the management of Jamie Monk they have now entered the Junior Alliance League and will face up against opponents such as Southend, Colchester, Cambridge etc. Moving over to the alliance has also meant a change of direction for the team and they join the Ipswich Wanderers club as the Wanderers youth team.

Football Photos

First friendly for the boys, a trip to St Neots in Cambridgeshire to play at the brilliant Rowley Park Stadium which is a modern, 3,500 capacity stadium and a real step up for the boys in terms of playing arenas. Again a beautiful day was upon us and a great tightly contested match ensued which saw St Neots take the lead only for Wanderers to come back and equalise with a great finish by Kyle Ferguson. A full match report can be seen here at Jamies Blog;


Football Photos

I had a chance to use my new Nikon TC-1.7 teleconvertor which was attached to my D3 and my 70-200 as I often need a little extra reach at these football matches to isolate the action a bit better. Although I do lose 1.5 stops of light meaning the normal 70-200 F2.8 now starts at F4.8, the extra gain and given the fact the lighting was soo bright anyway meant I didn’t need to compromise on ISO speed to ensure I got a fast shutter speed. In fact most photos were taken at around 1/640 sec, ISO 400, F5.6.

I was pleased overall with this first test and results and I shot RAW as I always tend too and converted to JPG in Capture NX2 with good results. With this teleconvertor in place my lens changes to a approx 120-340mm lens and that extra reach is going to come in handy this season whilst following the Wanderers!

Football Photos



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