Learning all the time


So we recently shot a very informal wedding in London for a new customer and despite not having to stage or pose many shots it was still a hard days work!! I love the dynamics of wedding photography, the problem solving, the anticipation, the “trying to keep one step ahead of everyone so you can get a decent shot”, last of all I love working with new clients and covering their day for them.


When shooting weddings I tend to switch between aperture priority mode and full manual mode and do use auto-ISO up to a maximum of ISO800. This I find helps me not to worry too much about camera settings and just trust my Nikons and concentrate on the shots. I generally leave my 24-70 on the D800 as I use this for larger group shots and some wide shots and find the extra resolution helps and stick the lovely 70-200 on the D3 . Over time I’ve also found that I tend to set my exposure compensation to +0.7 as I convert a lot of shots to black and white and find that over exposing gives them a nice ethereal look – that’s just my preference of course and is also dependent on the light at the time.

My little 50mm F1.8 Lens also comes in very handy when light levels are low and I’ll stick this on the D800 also just so I have some better cropping potential if needs be. I know a lot of people moan about cropping and trying to get the shot right by moving around but sometimes in some venues it’s not always possible and I’d rather get the crop shot, than not at all (if that makes sense!)


I recently finished reading for about the third time the excellent book – Making a life and living in Photography by David DuChemin and I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who wants to know a little bit more about the business side of Photography and some of the ups and downs as well as good sound common sense advice.

I’m loving the adventure so far, I have far, far to go though and so much more to learn but the best experience of all is getting out there with your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot!


Thank you to Lucy and Stuart and their friends and family who were brilliant to work with on the day and we wish them all the very best for the future.




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