The Beauty of the Isle of Bute


6 years ago my parents moved to a small island off the west coast of Scotland. Over those 6 years I’ve had an amazing time exploring this small, peacefull, beautiful Island and although the Island doesn’t have all of the modern comforts we all get used too and take for granted, what it does have is natural beauty and the capacity to completey transport you away from the day to day hustle and bustle of modern life. Most of the time on the Island it’s you and nature and little else around.


I for one love the place and it’s one of my favourite places to visit and is highly recommended if you ever find yourself on the west coast of scotland – look out for the little but gorgeous Isle of Bute.


With a population little over 7,000 People, although it’s small it’s certainly not dead and theres plenty of bars and resturants to explore also if you want to socialise with the locals rather than with the scenary.



With stunning sunrises and sunsets, golden sands, crystal clear waters it’s sometimes difficult to believe you are in Scotland. I loved my latest visit, as did my girlfriend and as did my D800 🙂



One good, good tip for anyone starting up shooting landscapes and you will have read and probably been told this a thousand times but……….get a good polarising filter for your lens and it will reward you with vibrant and colorful images, I can’t recommend enough a decent polariser on the front of your choice of lens.


Without going into the technical details of what a polariser does, attach one to your lens to really saturate naturally the colours of your surroundings, fight off haze and glare from the sun and bite through the water to show it as clear as it can be. It’s a must have if you are photographing this beautiful world.

I hope you enjoy some of Scotland as much as I did.



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