Local Beauty


Well with the Sun being out rather lovely the last week or so it was time to revisit a few local areas and see what difference some beautiful natural lighting can make to some familiar places, namely Alton Water, Felixstowe and Dedham all around the Suffolk + Essex area.

And what a lovely part of the country the east is on such nice days! Makes you appreciate your surroundings that little bit more and realise you are quite lucky to live so close to the coast.


First stop felixstowe and yes there were some swimmers in the sea!! Far too cold for me still to even dare try a paddle but some brave souls are out there!!

Next up Alton Water and a lovely warm evening showed off some of natures colours


Then back to the orwell country park and a different view of the bridge I cross almost every day in my car – the orwell bridge and A14 road.


And as is always the case in the UK, a week of lovely weather is followed by cloud, rain and a cooling of the temperature!!


2 thoughts on “Local Beauty

  1. Really like your blog Joe, love the short, yet informative and interesting posts. I’m a D3s and D2x user, the D800 sounds like a great tool, hope you get lots of pleasure and use out of it.

    • Thank you very much Mark. I really appreciate your comments and for taking the time to have a look through the blog. I am a huge fan of the D3s so you are a lucky man with that in your hands! – thanks again. Joe

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