Weddings, Models and Cup Finals


Ah the life of a would be photographer! I really, really wanted to get weekly updates on my blog and so far have failed miserably. I actually had a photography business course a few weeks ago and the presenter there suggested “out-sourcing” my blog using odesk and then probably some person in Russia who’d do the blogging on my behalf if I just suggested a few key words. I did kind of think that was a bit of a cop-out and quite impersonal but I suppose if you are busy doing photography and working and chasing clients then getting stuck behind a desk or at a computer doing admin tasks may mean potentially losing money?


So my aim is to go  back to weekly blogs and I suppose just keep them shorter and of course sweeter 🙂

I had a chance to put the D800 through it’s paces recently with a model shoot, wedding and a Football Cup Final and so far, so impressed. The image quality is outstanding and for sports shooting, although it’s not the fastest, the ability to crop into an image and retain great detail is a really useful feature to call upon. I shot the cup final on my 70-200mm so although the reach was fairly good I still wanted that little jump further into the frame from time to time and being able to swap to a DX crop mode on the D800 giving that little extra and still pulling a 21MP image out of it is brill!

Ipswich Exiles Football Photographs

I did switch back to the D3 for my next game as I needed extra speed and that’s an area where I’ll always reach for my D3 over the D800 but to have the luxury of both speed and pixels now is a nice position to be in 🙂

Ipswich Exiles Football Photographs

Had a great wedding shoot also recently in Waltham Abbey in Essex and again the D3 and D800 did not let us down – and that’s exactly what you need on a day when timing and schedules are very important. Next up is a wedding shoot in London featuring a bus tour through the city and a meal at Tower Bridge – Can’t wait to shoot that and share the results with the happy couple.

Toni Taylor and Joseph Horner Wedding, Waltham Abbey, Essex Toni Taylor and Joseph Horner Wedding, Waltham Abbey, Essex


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