New Body, New Lens, New start



Well finally after having a good hands on session with the Nikon D800 at the focus on  imaging show, I have now purchased one which will be my second Nikon Professional body and replaces my trusty old D300. Haven’t had a opportunity to do some real world testing yet but am very much looking forward to seeing how good this incredible (on paper) little camera performs.

I also had the very good fortune of my other purchase – a Nikon 70-200mm VR Lens turn up which although second hand was in immaculate condition. Having hired and used one of these beauties before, to finally own one and get it in my hands was great! It’s one big and heavy lens but I love the quality of the images this lens produces and I gave it a good first run through it’s paces shooting my best friends, Jamie Monk of JM Personal Training and Sports coaching, amateur football team on Sunday. The day was a bit overcast and grey and the ground quite wet and heavy from a few days rain but armed with my Nikon D3 and the above mentioned 70-200 Lens I had a very enjoyable time both watching Ipswich Exiles win their game but also getting some shots for Jamie to use in his programmes and on his own Blog and Website.

The temptation may have been to bring the D800 out and give that a run through during this football game but I wanted speed and the ability for high speed continious shooting and for that the D3 is still superb. The D800 will have it’s day very soon!!

Also added to the collection was Sigma’s superb little 105mm Macro lens, so although you can never say you have enough of anything, as far as I’m concerned I’m armed and fully ready to go now photographically speaking and looking forward to this new adventure.

I’ll be adding all future works to my website so please check that out for updates, new portfolios and my recent work.



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