Focus on Imaging, Training, Ely and more snow!

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Well I haven’t blogged for a little while but I had a valid excuse – my PC was out of action but I am now sitting looking at a very shiny and very new Quad Core, 16GB beast at my desk! I was due an upgrade, Nikons Capture NX2 is a pretty processor and memory intensive application, but it’s my RAW file processor of choice (I edit in Capture NX2 then do further work in Elements if required).

I made my first trip this year to focus on imaging at the Birmingham NEC with a shopping list in hand and some money to get some kit. On the list was a Nikon D800, 70-200mm VR Lens, Some ND Grads and some Bowens Lighting. Rather niavely I guess, I was hoping to perhaps get some bargains but dissapointingly found the tradeshow “special last day prices” were actually the same as what I’d normally pay out anyway from my normal supplier – Ware House Express . However I did get myself a set of Lee Filters hard ND Grads which were a fantastic price and are brilliant filters – looking forward to working with them!

Also got to visit the brilliant zenfolio stand and the one vision imaging stands and take a look at the wedding album samples they had. My girlfriend Claire was extremely impressed by the one vision imaging stand and it was great to have a females point of view with regards to albums and samples and for Claire to understand the business of wedding photography a bit better. So all in all a great day at Focus, I didn’t buy much but have since ordered myself the Nikon 70-200 VR lens and am looking forward to its arrival very much.


I had a great afternoon training some more of the John Lewis boys recently from the John Lewis at home Ipswich Store. I’ve agreed to go over the basics of photography with them and it was a pleasure to see their eyes light up when they started to understand the aperture / shutter relationship and what different focal lengths mean in real world terms. Looking forward to some more sessions with the team and hopefully leave them with a more confident mindset when it comes to having to sell and advise on their selection of cameras.

And lastly what about the weather this week?!! Quite heavy Snow again and that led to a workshop I was meant to attend on Monday night being postponed (still awaiting to re-arrange that). However it’s clearing now and I have a shopping trip planned to WEX very soon and following that should be the proud owner of a shiny new Nikon D800. I’ll post comments and a mini review once I’ve had chance to have a good play around. That’s going to complement my D3 brilliantly and I can’t wait to shoot our booked up weddings with them throughout April and May.

All the best people, more very soon 🙂



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