Softly Does It!!

softly 1Ok, Finally got a chance to have a play around with some of my Lastolite Ezybox speed-light soft boxes. For those not in the know these are Softboxes that allow you to use a Flash Speed Gun (Such as the Nikon SB series) mounted through them. They do come in various sizes and I have gone for the 54cm range of softboxes – neither too large or too small in my opinion as I want the option to mount these internally and use them externally also.

The Lastolites are flat packed, so to speak, in a triangular case and are dead easy to unfold and connect up in a matter of minutes. I mounted my Joe Mcnally 54cm version (the Joe Mcnally version features a white interior rather than silver to soften the light a touch more) to my Bowens light stand and then connected up my SB-910 and pocket wizard and fired away!

There was no studio setup, this was purely living room arrangements with the lights off and with my camera at F11 and 1/125th of a second using the softbox as the key light only. I did later on introduce a rim light which was my SB-700 on another Bowens light stand and was just purely to give a bit of difference in some of the test shots.

I was very pleased with the results of the light coming from what was effectively one speedlight through the softbox. Next test will be the two softboxes, some reflectors, some snoots and some gels. That’s the great thing about digital photography – you can improvise and test and try things and when they don’t work you learn, you delete the image of your memory card and you try again and you learn further.

Theres a massive wealth of talent, experience and knowledge out there and you need to tap into these when you can – but you also shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, fail and try again until you get the results you want. That way it will stick and it will be your turn to pass some knowledge down to those on the same journey!

softly 2   softly 3


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