Boot that camp

Had a fantastic evening doing some photography for the newly launched JM Sports and personal training boot camp.

The host of the Boot camp Jamie Monk had a very well constructed session featuring 20 eager clients all raring to go but not certain on what their next hour had in store!

From a photography point of view it was a mixed bag of indoor fluorescent lighting, high gym ceilings, low light levels and lots of fast action as the boot camp commenced!! 
With some creative flash work, different angles of view, some slow shutter work to convey motion and of course a team of willing boot campers i hope to deliver a good portfolio of images over to Jamie very soon!
Thanks to Jamie at JM Sports and personal training for the invite along to his first boot camp and i look forward to attending more – perhaps even as a boot camper myself!!


One thought on “Boot that camp

  1. Thank you Joe for such a professional job, all the clients were so very comfortable with your presents 🙂 and looking at some of the taster prints you were kind enough to give me, they are quality, You will certainly get all my future work!

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