What a difference a day makes…..!

Well it’s been a real mix of weather this week in suffolk! Snow, rain, sun, cloud, ice more rain and more sun today.

So for a bit of contrast I headed out to the same place but on two very different days weather wise this week to see and photo the same spot in the cloud and in the sun. The area I headed to was the North Suffolk Coast and a beautiful place called “Covehithe”. It’s a place you get to via a single track road, there is about 3 or 4 houses on the road, an old ruined church and that’s about it.

Once you park up you can hear the sea and feel the wind but you can’t see the coast at all. That is until you take a short walk through an area that looks like you shouldn’t be there and then everything becomes clear…..

The B+W shots were taken with with a 10stop ND filter and I know the effect is often overused nowadays but on a cloudy, overcast seemingly dull day they really can transform the scene dramtically.

The colour shot was from the same area, the sun shining and was just to highlight the difference between shots. Hope you Enjoy.







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