Photographing Bath in Black and White

bathbw8fbI arrived in the lovely city of bath on my 40th birthday, January 12th 2013. My first visit to the City – although as an adult I must now add as my parents took delight in telling me I had once visited Bath as a very young child. Now being 40 I can’t remember most things from a Month ago so recalling 35 years ago – no chance!!

Being January in the UK it was quite cold, overcast and very grey – however this only added to the charms of Bath since the stonework in the city gives it real character and as I was lacking decent light I decided to put my black and white hat on and was visualising capturing the city in tones of black and white rather than colour.

Bath really is a great place to photography – you can easily get around on foot, the stone work, the Cathedral, the bridges, the river avon, the baths themselves all present excellent opportunity for the casual photographer, professional and the tourist – as I indeed was counting myself as a tourist for this weekend.

I did find that by walking around with the Nikon D3 and 24-70 F2.8 Lens attached I hardly looked like a light traveller – but I love my D3 and the 24-70 was ideally placed to capture some of the wider shots I wanted but also allowing a closer glimpse of Bath if required also. I travelled light (if you can call the D3 and large 24-70 light!!) and so had no tripod and wanted to just take hand held shots – remember I had my tourist hat on also so I had to blend in!

As mentioned its a beautiful city to not only photograph but to spend time in and having spent my 40th birthday in Bath – I know in years to come it’s not one I will be forgetting.












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