Hello / Goodbye

Well heres a big weekend for me. Yes I leave my 30’s behind to turn 40. And 40 of course is the new 30 which anyone who gets to 40 is going to say!! I did have to laugh as a few days ok I got a letter from the NHS offering me a free healthcheck which is available for all people now aged between 40 and 72 – I haven’t even quite got there yet!!

To celebrate I am heading off to a beautiful English roman city – the city of Bath. I’ve never been so am really excited to be going and look forward to taking a good look around this ancient city – I’m not sure about having a bath at the moment as the weather in the UK has turned very cold and we have the threat of snow this weekend. Still an ancient city in the Snow – should be lovely. That’s all for now but I’ll do a mini review of Bath when I am back next week. I’m certainly looking forward to photographing some of the old architecture, buildings, ruins and parks so the D3 is packed and ready to go. Laters….!



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