Welcoming in 2013

Firstly I want to start by saying a very happy new year to all of my friends, family and of course my customers both old and new.

The end of 2012 gave me the opportunity to have a play around with some lastolite soft boxes, pocket wizards and my Nikon SU800 flash light commander. The pocket wizards are great and allow me either full manual or I-TTL control of my speed lights over a large area – one test I did saw me place my speed lights over 100ft away and maintain I-TTL control using the pocket wizards. Great stuff indeed and opens up some really creative ideas I have for a few of my weddings for 2013. I’d read a lot of reviews before purchasing my radio triggers but I have nothing but a big thumbs up for the PW’s
pocket wizards

I also got hold off one of the Joe McNally lastolite soft boxes and this is excellent value for money IMHO and works great with my sb910 and sb700 speed lights, if you are looking for a great affordable softbox solution and already have speed lights in your arsenal then these really could enhance your photography. Until I take the plunge into full studio lighting I know my lastolites are going to get a lot of use!!
Joe McNally lastolite soft boxes

Getting ready for a busy year wedding photography wise in the Ipswich / Suffolk area and further afield this year with bookings for Scotland and Ireland also which will be very exciting for us!
So another year and fingers crossed another successful year for us at Joseph George Photography building on 2012 with the support of our customers, friends, family and suppliers. We wish you all the very best and every happiness for 2013.
Joseph George photography




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