Here we go!

Well here we go. The forms have been submitted to our ISP, the web host has our template design and hopefully come the morning the full site will be up and working! Once I’ve checked it out myself ill put up a link but just wanted to thank everyone who has helped, who has contributed, criticised and praised who has tested, tweaked and advised. We have a few possible customers waiting as well to see how things are on the new site so thanks to them for their patience also.

On a different note I think that skyfall may well be the first bond film I go to see at the cinema since octopussy!! Reviews are great and the trailer looks excellent also so looking forward to this one big time. Listened to an interview with sir roger Moore last week – couldn’t quite believe he is 85! I still think my favourite bond personally but that’s probably because moores films were shown quite regularly in my youth so guess I’m a little biased 🙂



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